Why invest in GP Select?

We all needs a doctor from time to time - the trouble is we can't predict when that will be. With the NHS struggling to meet demand getting seen when you need it is now difficult.

If you want to have peace of mind when it comes to your health and the health of your family or business then our service is unique in many ways. Being a member means;

  • Make contact with a doctor quickly
  • We can refer you so you can access your private health insurance
  • We are open 7 days a week
  • Doctors available from 8am-8pm
  • Home visits available if you need them
  • City centre venues for simplicity of use while at work
  • Book telephone or Skype consultations with the push of a button
  • We use the same doctors everyday
  • Blood tests, vaccinations, prescriptions and most other GP services available on demand
  • Our concierge can arrange an endless amount of additional health tests and appointments

These days the majority of people have to wait over 48 hours for an appointment to see their doctor. Many have to take time off to do it and others give up trying to get an appointment altogether. If you are tired of waiting for GP appointments and delaying healthcare as a result then we are the service you need. The truth is that the difficulty of getting access to NHS doctors is only going to get worse. So we need a solution..... We may be of interest to you if you are currently;

  • Tired of waiting for doctor’s appointments?
  • Unable to access your private healthcare because you can't see your own GP?
  • Unhappy with the care you are getting from your surgery?
  • Frustrated you only get 10 minutes?
  • Annoyed you can only bring one issue up in a visit?
  • One of the 60% of people who now have to wait over 48 hours to see a Doctor
  • One of the 40% of people who have to take time off work to see their GP

Where are we covering?

At launch our team will be covering a large part of the north west including Manchester, Liverpool and Preston.


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For you and your family